Sunday, March 1, 2009

waitin' on the DOG days of summer

Other than a bunch of organizing (I'm desperately trying to get all our "excess" stuff into the garbage to to the thrift store before we get out there) I didn't do a whole lot of Acreage-y things today. Being Sunday all the people (home inspector, lawyer etc) are closed.

The only Acreage relate conversation I really had was with my Dad, about dog or dogs.

I'm convinced that a Male dog will be a little more territorial, and more aggressive to strangers, so to feel safer I'd like to add a male dog to our family.
I've been told the younger you get them, the more likely they are to be territorial, and protective of the family.

I'm a little concerned about training another dog.

So far we have raised a total sucky, and I'll be anyones friend if they pet me dog.
She's gentle and sweet but I really don't see her being any "protection" or even intimidating for that matter.

I'm concerned about raising a second dog to be the same way.

Basically I would like a dog that will hang out around the house and be racing to meet any cars that come in the driveway while barking and carrying on, so people will think twice about getting out of their cars.
But I need to be able to call them off immediately
and ... I've met other Farm dogs that will stop such behavior as long as the person cruising in calls the dog by name...which would be excellent if I'm not there when someone we do know shows up!!!

~Any suggestions on how to get such behaviors out of a new dog?

My other concern is for Maggie (our dog already) as well as a new dog...I'm really not sure how to convince any dog to stay just on our land? I've noticed Dogs don't get a fence concept- if they can get through it, it's a minor inconvenience but not really a there is another doggy concern

If anyone has any ideas of how to train (or re-train in maggies case) a farm dog, to do these types of things I'd be grateful for advice?!!?


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