Thursday, May 27, 2010


I won't even go into how many times I've cursed at dandelions in the yard at all our other houses.
I've attempted to dig them out by hand, be satisfied with just popping their little yellow heads off before they can go to seed and usually end up resorting to some sort of chemical spray rather than continue the never ending battle.
Of course this yard is larger than any of the others we ever had. And proportionally the dandelion problem seems to be even bigger.
I have to tell you I am less than enthused about even attempting this time to dig them out.

But at the same time. Knowing our water source is below us, Chemicals to me become even more of an issue in my head.
Chris and I have already battled about this. His point is that the farmers all around us are spraying their field with round up or whatever chemical they choose. So if it's in the water the small amount we spray is hardly going to compare.
but it still bothers me

I did a web search of organic dandelion control and came up with this...
dandelion fix Corn gluten meal
Although it sounds like I may have to go on quite the hunt to find it. And I'm not sure it will work this late in the season. Since it sounds like it needs to be applied just as the grass is turning green in the spring.

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