Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Evil Friend

Can you see what's made it self at home on my hay bale?

How about now?
For the first little while I couldn't figure out if it was injured and dying up there.
At one point I took the dogs into the field and tried to get Jasper to put the run on her.
( In case you haven't guessed I'm not a fan of geese, In fact I have pictures of Nathan and Daddy feeding geese in Lethbridge and went through the entire album when I uploaded them to Facebook and tagged each one Evil goose 1, Evil goose 2 etc.- so there was no way I was going to investigate on my own)
But Jasper couldn't get her off that hay bale. She stood up spread out both her wings to make herself as big as possible and hissed. He decided this was not something he wanted to tangle with and took off into the other pasture.
This incident combined with the fact she's been there for nearly a month now. made me think the stupid thing has probably made a nest on there.
None of this would be a real issue but I would have liked to pull apart that hay bale and use it in the chicken coop. and her there hissing has caused that plan to go out the window.
But 2 days ago she finally disappeared. I immediately sent Chris over to investigate the bale (still not going anywhere near it in case she came back meaner than ever.)
He reported that there had indeed been eggs.
They were all broken in rather large pieces, and there are small chick like feathers scattered around.
So I'm not sure if she hatched them, or if they fell prey to something. (although Chris said there wasn't any gore to make him think that something happened)
Now I've seen a goose hanging around our front dugout. I'm wondering if she's moved the chicks to the water finally (would the weeds around the pond not have been a better place for a nest in the first place?) I just have to work up the nerve to get close enough to sneak up for a look.

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