Saturday, September 25, 2010

around here

It's nearly 9 o'clock. It is completely dark outside. And my crazy Husband is still out mowing the grass. If I could make all his chores as fun as riding the "tractor" this place would be looking amazing!

This is also the third day in a row the goats have not left their pen.
So whats the score now something like 6-3 for the goats?
and I've probably totally jinxed us by even bringing it up.

I think tomorrow will have to be about securing a hay source for all winter. Chris just took (another) new job on Friday and expect he will be gone A LOT for the next while. Therefore all the bails of hay will have to be here and secured before he leaves. I just don't see myself figuring out how to singled handedly wrestle a 1200-1600 pond bail off the back of a truck...hmmm...I may have to talk to a few of my sources. and find out if there is a way we could reverse a boat lift to take bails of hay off a truck. I've seen several free boat lift ads lately. and it's got me thinking...

And now that the chicken side of the barn is empty, maybe we can start getting all the insulation up against the wall. We bought a monster "package" of Styrofoam to use as insulation in the barn. but until the place has been cleaned out and chicken less we've had that project on hold. Keep your fingers crossed we can get it at least on the go this weekend.

I was also hoping to get the waterer, made over. As in painted, cleaned up and all the wires reattached. And although I'd still like to put it together I'm thinking we won't be using it this winter anyways. We don't have a water source close enough to the goat pen that won't freeze in the cold weather. My original thought was it was only about 20-30 feet that we would have to run a water line. This seemed like a good weekend easy project until I realized we weren;t talking about digging a foot and half down. We're talking more like going a good six feet down to get below the frost line. yeah. 30 feet by 6 feet doesn't sound like a quick weekend job any more. I guess I'll be back in the want ads just looking for a submerseable de-icer that I can drop into a stock tank. rather that using my ever so cool waterer this season.

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