Wednesday, September 1, 2010

why am I insane?

I decided that the goats need a shed. One of those metal garden sheds.
Since our pasture for them is a ways from the barn. they need to have some sort of shelter in the field. From wind rain whatever.
I was told a cow shelter would work. Those 3 sided shacks you see? But even those are expensive, and short of buying it new and unassembled I wasn't sure how we'd transport it to the field. So I thought I was quite brilliant with the idea of a metal garden shed.
I found one that was 10 x 10 and cheap cheap. But metal garden sheds can be taken apart with a few screws right?
uh huh!!!!
I'm not going to tell you how much tin we had to bend and pry just to get at the stupid screws in some places. The roof is screwed into place from a minimum of 3 directions.
We worked for 4 hours to get this shed apart. Were maybe half done. I have 50 pounds of screws in my pockets. The pieces still aren't small enough to transport and when we finally ran out of sunlight we had to throw in the towel. Leaving a note saying we'd be back to pick it up as soon as possible.
But who knows when that will be with Chris' work schedule so up in the air.
I'm just hoping that we didn't half disassemble it for them to turn around and sell it to someone else. That would be my kid of luck lately.

On a brighter note I have managed to wire, assemble or cover with snow fence 4 gates in the last 24 hours. 3 for the corral and one for the front pasture. Leaving very little left to do on the front pasture.

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