Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Goats are kicking our butts 6-0
As in they have escaped their pen everyday in the last 6 days straight. Often more than once a day.
We (as in Chris) goes out and patches up their escape route, only to have them find/create a new one the next day. It was actually kind of funny to me for the last 5 days since he's been home to deal with it.
However with him being back at work as of today, the novelty of escape artist goats is quickly wearing off.

I was outside trying to cajole them back into the pen twice today. This afternoon I came in hot and frustrated. Threw myself on the couch and immediately jumped back up. tearing off my shirt and jacket. (probably a good thing I don't have house guests this week).
Stupid wasp had gotten in my shirt. Probably while I was trucking it through all the long grass chasing after the goats.
Anyways I got the shirt and jacket off, and after I had to almost physically restrain myself from scratching and making it worse, I took a look in the mirror. I'd been thanked for squishing the bugger with exactly 3 nasty bites. One on each side of my spine and one on my hip.
I caught up to the wasp awhile later on the window and squished it dead. But you know the satisfaction in that just isn't there AFTER its stung you.
I can't believe I got through the entire summer without getting bit and the first day of fall I get 3?!?!

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