Wednesday, June 2, 2010

class is in

Remember me mentioning how excited I was about Herbal maid fiber farm and Kathy's online classes?
You can see the previous post here

I started the first 2 classes today.
I'm taking a Goat Hand milking and cheese making class
as well as a Goat milk soap making class.

No we don't have goats yet.

But all of the course is sent in e-mails that can be saved for later reference.
Even if I can't participate in making all these fabulous looking treats right now (although I may post an ad on kijiji to see if anyone sells fresh goat milk in the area) I still think that just reading all of the information will help it sink in for when and if we get goats later on.

In fact Kathy has a guest instructor teaching the soap making, and she buys her supply of goat milk from local producers it doesn't sound like she has goats of her own either. So I don't feel quite so strange in doing this.

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