Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Such a productive weekend

My Dad came for the weekend. Nathan was in heaven. He adores my dad, his Grandpa Zoom. But Dad is great to have around for productivity.

Chris rototillered the whole garden. Now it just needs a quick wire fence wrapped around to keep the dogs out (as you can see)

Dad cut down the dead tree in the front yard.

It was crazy cold rain all weekend it even started snowing Saturday night so we focused most of our energies inside. We got to work on this wall in the garage.
(Above is the before picture)

We found a bunch of Styrofoam insulation sheets in one of the barns. we got to work cutting and fitting the pieces in between the studs. I spent most of the afternoon out in the garage with Chris helping to measure and cut all the pieces. It was funny to see how well we can still do projects together when there's no kids in the mix. By the second or third piece we got in we had a rhythm and routine down and start whipping through them faster and faster. It was a flash back to how well we could get things done TOGETHER before kids were around. We were a good team.

We found pegboard sheets on sale at one of hardware stores for 2 dollars a sheet a few months ago. So Chris screwed all of those to the wall over the new insulation. It has mad that whole space so much bigger and brighter looking. and so much more usable and accessible.

And Dad brought a bunch of my paintings (that I did in high school) we got them hung and screwed into the walls in the stairwell to the basement.

Dad also managed to get a threshold cut to size and screwed into the door frame of the mudroom entrance (so happy about that there was a quarter inch gap in the bottom of that door that created the biggest coldest drafts ever). And the boys managed to get the fridge that died a few months ago finally out of the kitchen. It was just to big and too heavy for Chris and I to do it.

They were all tiny jobs, but just stuff on the list we never managed to find time for. It felt great to get so many crossed off all in a weekend.


  1. The wall looks great! I am jealous of the still cool weather. It's hot & humid down here. Yuck.

  2. really? snow??? At the end of May Mother Natures Calendar is way off this year!