Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tail feather envy

The boys and I spent an hour or so at the bookstore in Edmonton Tuesday night while Chris was doing his trucking course.
This funky looking like guy is a puppet that was in the children's section of the store. I have to tell you I'm in love with peacock feathers.
I may have to do some research and find out how hard it would be to keep a peacock around just so I could collect all the molted feathers.
I know that's kind of a stupid reason to want an animal, but I'm in love with the beauty and the rich shiny colors in those feathers. I know a ton of people use them in crafts. I'll bet I could make some cash off them at a farms market taking the feathers to sell -the ones that I'm not hoarding for myself that is. - and that's a whole nother you have to treat bird feathers in some sort of solution to make sure they're not carrying mites or ticks or anything before you'd want to bring them into the house?
more things to research I guess

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