Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yay the garden is fenced

Chris spent most of the day at a course in Edmonton. but when he got home I insisted that we needed to fence off the garden.
It's not pretty. I'm not even sure it's totally functional. But it's done.
I needed to make sure there was at least a visible barrier for the dogs, so that they wouldn't go tearing through and smash all the poor tender sprouts. -Let alone what else they might do in a dirt pile!
He used a lot of the stakes and chicken wire that were already pieced together and obviously torn down from the previous owners- but there wasn't enough there to go all the way around???? So we broke out the 2 rolls of chicken wire we'd bought and never used for the chicken coop, and the 2 steel stakes I bought this spring- as well as some re bar that was lying around.
Like I said it's done. but it's far from pretty!

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