Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Wild Goose Chase

A few weeks ago I mentioned my "evil Friend" the goose who had laid eggs on our hay bale?
And how I was unsure what the fate of those eggs had been?

Looky what was in the dug out
Hiding- or trying to.
I have to tell you these babies still aren't as fluffy and cute as baby chickens. But I was still in awe of the discovery.
Our dugout is in the middle of our field and the deep slopes on the 2 sides make it impossible to see from the house. Since it's quite a distance from the original hay bale I didn't think they would have gone there. And when I stopped seeing the geese at the little pond out front I figured even Mama and Daddy were gone.
But Sunday driving down the highway ( the dugout is more visible from the road) I spotted Mama and Daddy and a suspicious amount of yellow fluff surrounding them. That evening I took the whole family and my camera with the zoom lens attached to go investigate.
The parents took off into the field as soon as we arrived, probably trying to lure us away from the babies. The little ones slide down the banks and swam as far away from us as they could get.
Then one of them started entertaining us by swimming closer and repeatedly diving under the water. When we looked up for the others a few minutes later they had disappeared.
This started the Goose Chase in the field.

We would briefly see the grass moving around one of the adult geese. Then one of the big ones would go in one direction the other in the opposite direction and the babies would be headed in a third direction usually for some place with the most ground cover. Like the trees.
Mom and Dad would be honking the entire time. Probably telling them where to head?
Once they were in the field and trees they was impossible to get close enough to snap another picture of the babies.
Clever creatures were doing and excellent job of evading us and distracting us to the direction of travel.
I was rather amused. They are obviously not geese that have spent any time in the city being hand fed. We even took some dried up bread crumbs with us- but couldn't get close enough to even try to tempt them with it. - that was a new experience for me. I'm used to geese in the city parks that are so bold they'll nearly bite your hand trying to be the first one in line for bread.

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