Monday, January 24, 2011

Freaky dog

The other night I was off to put the goats "to bed". It was already dark and I was actually kind of relieved when Maggie decided she was going to accompany me on the round of chores.

I fed the goats first, and they were happily munching away on oats and hay cubes. So I snagged their water bucket and headed off to refill it. I noticed that Maggie was no longer with me, but I wasn't too concerned.
Although, I wouldn't leave her alone with the goats for extended periods of time (mostly because I think she'd find a way to help them escape). I've watched her before, and the only thing she wants them to do is stay together. So the worst case I figured was she'd herd them all to one corner of the barn.

A minute later, I realized something wasn't quite right. There was two goats standing at the barn door "yelling" at me. And Maggie was nowhere in sight.

The dog had kicked all the goats off their food and was busy chowing down.


Since when to Dogs eat these things?

Oh right it's Maggie the chow hound. I'm not always sure she even tastes what she's eating.

Although, I've notice since she heads for the feed shack as soon as I'm done to make sure I haven't dropped anything. It's the hay cubes she's after.

Weirdo Dog!

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