Tuesday, January 11, 2011

V is for Victory

At least it feels like a victory.
I managed to get the entire driveway shoveled yesterday. By myself. Yes just me and a snow shovel. We still haven't invested in a snow plow.
My back, my arms and oddly my thighs may never forgive me but I did it.

The Gate to the house. Luckily it was very powdery, dry snow so it was easy to move and lift. But still not a fun chore.

 Can you see how it comes up to Maggie's chest? it was super deep in some places and not bad in others. Kind of like the back yard where it was anywhere from the top of my boots to mid thigh. Depending on how it had drifted. That's one of the problems with getting so much snow with a wind at the same time. Maggie made sure she was out to supervise all the work being done on the driveway. Even when Nathan was out "helping" which consisted of throwing snowballs at Maggie and trying to get her to let him ride her through the drifts. Poor dog puts up with so much from that child.

The front of the van and the accumulation beside it. I've heard we got at least 40 cm over the 2 major days of the storm. And obviously a few cms more in the scattered flurries that followed.

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  1. That first photo looks like a postcard. Love it!