Saturday, January 22, 2011

Haybale jumping

Not such a hot idea!

During the snow storms I've been bundling up Nathan like crazy and taking him with me to feed the goats, if the wind isn't too brutal.

The plus side to this is is he makes the perfect weight on the sled to hold down all the loose hay that needs to be dragged from one side of the yard to the barns on the other. ***Note to self: next year if you buy big round bales put them near the barn, dead grass is the least of your worries in -40 weather***

The downside is, super snow pants and having nothing but your eyes exposed makes you superman against the cold. Heck you'd stay and play outside all day if mom let you.

So the other afternoon he insists I help him up the hay bale while I'm tearing it apart. We have 5 sitting together, so the game soon became jump from one to the other. Land in a puff of flying snow and repeat!

Meanwhile I'm raking apart the bale thinking..." I wonder if I should allow this? is there a chance he could slide between them? No, Your just being the paranoid mom."

About 5 minutes after I had this internal dialogue. Guess what happened?

Yup, he slide right in between two. Luckily, he's old enough to have some self-preservation instinct.  He threw his arms out and held onto anything he could keeping his shoulders and head above the crevasse he was sinking into.
I couldn't reach him from where I was standing, so I jumped down, ran to the other side. Where I could grab him by the back of the jacket, a scruff of the neck kinda hold. He was jammed in pretty good. But my heartbeat was pounding, and I'm sure the adrenaline was pumping. A few good tugs, and I had him, and I was tumbling backwards into the snow in a cloud of snow and hay, with the flailing of legs and arms.

Oh yeah, I'm sure I'll be nominated for mother of the year for that one..

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