Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow wall

I opened the front (mudroom door) to literally a wall of snow this morning

That's my rubber boot front and center that comes up to my knees. Notice how much higher the snow is? Yeah past my waist. FUN!
I'll give you it's not that deep everywhere out there.
The garage and mudroom entrance is set back about 4 feet from the front of the house. The house and the deck must have acted as a snow fence all night. The snow and wind swirled it all nicely into one big drift directly in front of the door.
It's been snowing since at least 8 last night and hasn't stopped yet.
Although it may not be this deep everywhere I have already lost the benches on the picnic table out back. You can only see the table top still.
Dragging hay to the goats was fun. My paths are all gone. The snow was to my knees.
Heck. It's a good work out right?

I'm thinking I should have picked up more milk when I was in town last. We may be snowed under for the week.

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