Saturday, February 26, 2011

The goats scared some sense into me

So thinking that the "girls" (Goats) may be getting close to giving birth at all freaked me out a little bit.
I've been humming and hawing over taking an continuing ed course through Olds College.
The Course is actually Lambing 101. So not all of it is going to be applicable to goats. But at the same time it has sections about tube feeding and other things that would be more than usable with goats.
But seeing as were really short on cash I was going to put it off....
But having a kid land on the barn floor freaked me out enough to reconsider.

So this is the outline of the course...

Lambing Fundamentals (101)

1. Discuss Lambing

•normal births and dystocia births
•plus supplies needed.

2.Discuss Ewes: Demonstration and hands-on performing procedures such as:

•crutching ewes,
•check udders and teeth,
•palpate lymph nodes
•and oral deworming.

3.Lambs: (using live or dead lambs) Demonstration and hands-on, perform procedures such as:

•stomach tubing lambs,
•intra peritoneal dextrose injections,
•weigh lambs,
•band tails,
•castration with rings,
•injections and ear tagging.

So I signed up on-line I'm just waiting on confirmation that the course isn't full or been cancelled or something else that always seems to happen when I try for courses like these. But I think all of section 3. with the hands on demonstrations will be such a good experience for someone with no experience like me~

Surprise. They cancelled the course due to lack of enrollment

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