Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Round Up ( Feb. 14- Feb 20)

Our Week started out with some awesome Valentines celebrations
I spent entirely too long assembling these cupcakes for desert that night. But they turned out pretty cute.
You can go here to see the "ipod" valentine candy  I made for Chris and Nathan.

Nate was also in school that day (we've had our most successful week so far in the new program) and was thrilled to get Valentines from all his little friends. This is the first year he's exchanged cards and thought it was quite the deal.

Last week we visited a friend of mine whose moving/de-cluttering. The kids made out like bandits on the visit. About a million discovery toys, a guitar, a reading system, and....
The Coolest Tent/Fort EVER!!!! The boys are in heaven


The Greg man is right in on the action.
Actually I've even caught Miss Maxxie in there a few times too. Speaking of which...

Our temperatures have dropped again meaning Maxxie is inside all day everyday. Nathan is loving having her around constantly and SHE'S Loving it too! Perhaps a little too much? since she's not allowed on the furniture???

Other than that it's been more of a productive week for my Minions amazing and helpful family, than for me.

My brother is nearly done our goat milking stand see all the pics here.
and in the post below you can see the little goat coats my mother in law finished up for me!

I'm so spoiled! and loving it!!!

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