Friday, February 25, 2011

more learning, more disapointment

One of the goats Miscarried last night.
Chris found a small hairless baby goat on the barn floor.

We weren't expecting babies till sometime in April so this is really early.

In Kathy's hypothermia course she sent out a picture of a baby that was born 4 weeks too early. Although the picture was a little hard to look at it was a clear example of the signs of a premature kid. Lack of hair, soft translucent hoof and eyes still fused shut.

These were all present in our little one, plus ours weighed in at less than 2 pounds. where a full term baby should be 7-9 pounds. Telling me that one of the goats couldn't sustain the pregnancy and miscarried too early for the little one to have a hope.

I'm a little sad, but I don't think we could have done anything different.

We're going to make sure there is even more hay in the barn for the next two months.
(one of the other tips was that Labor begins when blood sugars drop.  Blood sugar drops when the demands of the fetus exceed the reserves of the mother. )
We're also hoping that the weatherman's right this time and our temps will be going up at least for Saturday. We have plans to get the bedding all changed out.

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