Saturday, February 19, 2011

Milk stand is starting to come together

Way, way back in November I mentioned that I had roped my brother the welder into making me a milk stand for the goats?

I'd sent him these plans from the scroungeman website. Which shows step by step how to make one with lumber. But since the welder was making ours out of metal I sent him a few other examples like this of metal ones available commercially.
And then left the designing in his more than skilled hands...

Today I got some pictures

Hurray the goat stand is starting to take shape...

Sparks are flying....

I'm so excited. I looks even more amazing than I expected.
From what I can tell only the neck/head piece are missing right now...

Hopefully it'll fit in the back of my Dad's Blazer and we may see it up here in the next month or so.

Happy Dance~~~

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