Sunday, February 20, 2011

Horse envy

For as long as I can remember I've loved horses.{SURPRISE- a little girl that loves horses?} A few of my close friends have teased me that now that I've bought the "farm" they are totally surprised I don't have a horse yet. Believe me it's not for lack of longing.

The summer before last we had Nathan at Capital Ex and I plunked him on a horse.

I was excited by how solid he was in the saddle, and he seemed to Love it. I've seriously considered buy a miniature horse for him and eventually Greg.
My thoughts on a miniature are...we'd actually get quite a few years from the horse since the boys are 3 years apart by the time Nathan out grew being able to ride Greg would be coming up right behind.
As well, a miniature is a little easier to learn on, even if you fall off it's not that far to the ground.
But holding me back is kind of the opposite of these two points.
If Nathan get "bored" of the horse and refuses to ride (especially considering he's only been on a horse once) I can't ride the horse to keep it exercised.
So I'm really torn, getting a horse that's more kid sized means that they can be responsible for more of the daily chores- brushing a horse properly could be quite a challenge if you only come up to its belly, like of a regular horse. but considering I'll still be supervising and probably doing the majority of the upkeep work anyways shouldn't I at least get the benefit of some riding time too?!?!?

Then cruising kijiji I came across this beauty...

I can't tell you how In LOVE with this horse I am right now. And I haven't even met her. But from the description and write up the owner did on her she sounds like everything I'm looking for. They call her bombproof. A great starter horse. yet she can jump 3' with ease.  She doesn't buck, kick, bite, bolt, or rear. She is sound, easy keeper, and has no health issues or vices. She stands 15.2hh and is 11yrs old.

The summary being both the kids and I should be able to ride her and she's got a ton of good years left on her.

It's a really good thing (at least for the Hubby) that finances are beyond tight around here right now. Because I think she's beyond beautiful and everything I'm looking for. If I had the money kicking around you could almost bet I'd be wheeling a deal before the weekend was out.

Of course theres also the fact that we would need
and multitude of other supplies....
but really?
that's just minor details. Oh and more MONEY!!!!


Well, I'm off to go check my lottery ticket and dream some more...

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