Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Round Up (Jan. 31- Feb. 6)

It was a pretty slow week around here.
Everyone is battling a wicked cold still.
Poor Greggy, has morphed it into an ear infection in BOTH ears. So he's been extra snugly and needing lots of attention all week.

Nate started his new school class on Wednesday. We're praying this will be the program he needs.

The animals may revolt!
They keep getting teased with spring like temperatures that allow them to frolic and play outside for days at a time. Then the temps plummet again like tonight -25. And everyone is back to huddling for heat.

Our only big adventure this week was heading to town and getting Nathan's haircut. Do you love the puck rocker green? He does. Taking him to the children's hairdresser that sprays his hair and lets him play in a ball pit, is about the only way I can convince him to cut his hair chopped.

This was my funny pic of the week. Taken that day in the ball pit.
Poor Greg had fought me the entire time Nate was getting the hair cut. He so badly wanted to follow the "Big" kids in there. When I finally allowed him to go in with his brother this was the face.
Right before the tears started.
Balls are really hard to move around in when you still can't even walk!

And that's about it. It's been more of a sicky/kid week than anything really interesting or farmy to report...

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