Monday, August 30, 2010

and then the RCMP showed up

After deciding were not quite prepared enough to butcher the chickens this weekend we realized that meant we needed more chicken feed. ummm we were completely out.
So Saturday morning we headed for town. Actually I guess it was closer to the afternoon.
Since it was 12:20 pm when the incident occurred!

We pulled up to the feed store and even though the parking lot was completely empty all the lights in the store were on.
Chris tried the door. It opened.
He walked in
There was no one around.
He assumed someone must be in the back and started looking for the chicken feed on his own.
and then...
and then the alarm starting going off.
yeah. the store was close. the alarm was set, but they'd forgotten to lock the front door.

He came back to the truck and told me what was going on. I suggested he head back to the door and see if there was a number for a manager or owner on it. He got a hold of the guy. and as we were waiting for him to show up...that's when the RCMP showed!!!!
Luckily the owner showed up just as we were explaining the story to the cops. He walked right over shook Chris' hand and thanked him for calling. The officers went into the store to check over things with the owner, and I posed Chris in front of the cruiser. Mostly because I needed documentation, for how funny I thought the whole story was.

In the end the owner also let us buy some chicken feed off him.

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