Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chicken Woes

We've had a small set back with the chickens.
I was assuming ( I know, I know) that any of the butchers in the area would process the chickens for us. Especially when their ads say all animals. But I guess technically a chicken is a bird. Not an animal.
Anyways turns out there's only 2 chicken processors in Alberta. Down in Lethbridge. and up in St. Paul which is still about a 2 hour drive from here.
We talked about taking them to St. Paul. but they want over 70 dollars to do up the chickens. Plus the time and gas...
well long story short, we decided that this would be a problem again next year so maybe we should look at a longer term solution.


The chicken plucker 10 000.

Okay it's probably not called 10 000 I just named it that because of the hours and I mean H-O-U-R-S it took to put together. (Note to self- next time when it costs 50 bucks extra to get one pre-assembled. DON'T BE SO CHEAP!!!!)

and now...

I'm Doing lots of reading like how to butcher a chicken tutorial

and how to process a chicken on The Deliberate Agrarian Blogspot

***Note Most of the Pictures are quite graphic~just so your warned****
trying to figure out exactly what I'm doing before we even attempt this.

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  1. I'm not about to look at those pics....No way!

    Oh! And you need to change your blog background....Yours is gone. :)