Monday, August 30, 2010

One of those hard life lessons on a farm

It's been quite awhile since I mentioned Kitty on here.
The Kitten that was originally suppose to be named Chevy? and is now just referred to as Meow Meow.
In the year and a bit she's been here she's turned into a lean mean hunting machine.

and that's where the problem started tonight
we were all in the field with the goats (yes the fence is still not 100% goat proof meaning we take them out into the field and hang with them several times a day). Meow meow was cruising the fence line, watching these strange new creatures in the field. And apparently hunting. She disappeared off the fence for a minute and leap back up with her still wiggling dinner in her mouth.
Chris pointed her out and I ran over to get a picture. (I Know). Of course Nathan wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
When he realized she had a mouse. I think he thought she was bringing it  to him to play with. He was absolutely mad that she was eating it and we (Chris and I) thought this was okay.

There was quite a lot of explaining about how mice were bad. Mommy didn't want them in the house, because they make things yucky. and how it was kitty's job to catch the mice, so she was doing a good job and she is a good kitty.

I'm sure he's still traumatized.

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