Monday, August 30, 2010

Goats can climb!?!?

Of course I knew that goats could climb.
But Nathan made a pretty amazing discovery today.
We've been taking the goats into "their field" and staying with them for about an hour at a time through out the day since the fence isn't really goat proof yet.

Nathan spends most of this time climbing up and sliding off the old hay bale.
But this afternoon the dogs were acting like lunatics and their barking (they still aren't allowed anywhere near the goats- and I think they were cranky about that) scared the goats enough to start a mini stampede in the direction of the hay bale.
In the blink of an eye two of them were up top of it with Nathan.
I so wish I'd had my camera.
he was in awe that they could climb.
He was astounded that they wanted to play up there with him
You could almost see it going through his head "WOW, maybe goats are cooler than dogs. I've never been able to get the dogs to play like this."

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