Monday, August 30, 2010


Well I finally did it.

I've only been talking about dairy goats for how many months now? (years)

I found an ad on kijiji and we went and met the goats (and the owner) last night. I wanted to see the animals before we made the commitment to buy them after our first goat incident.
I even admitted to the seller I had no idea if I was ready for goats, and she told me the only way was to jump in both feet, she had no real clue about goats when she first got them either. But there is so much information on line...


We went and picked them up today 4 little girls and a buck named Romeo. Amazingly we got all 5 into the extra large dog cage we had for Maggie.

They are getting used to the barn. And to us.

Sweetheart, on the left. Juliet is black, Hopper, and you can just see Little Ones  ears and horns peeking over on the right.

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