Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Brother the Welder rocks!

So my brother is a welder. A very good one. In fact he or my Dad will send me pictures of his work and I'm always astounded at his skills. He does everything from pipeline welds to work scary high up on new high rise buildings.

I've been saving a "special" project for him.

We need a milking stand.
The plan is to start milking the goats sometime over the summer, but short of tying them to the fence and hoping for the best there was no real place to start the milking.

I have plans for how to build a milking sanction that you can download for free from the scroungeman site.
{Awesome site BTW, I love the way he writes about his animals, and his crazy inventions too}
It's a free e-book that you can download here if your interested in building one too.

Anyways, I have the plans for the milking stand, and we were thinking of just building it from the plans. However as usual our to-do-list is about a mile long. And Although I think the plans for the stand are great, it's been rolling around in the back of my head how much greater it could be with a metal grate/mesh table to it.

So I hit up my brother the welder for a favor.
I sent him the PDF file and asked him to look at it and see if he could adapt the basic plan to make it how I envisioned.
He says he'll do it!!!
I'm so excited.
Of course when I talked to him on the phone this morning he was already talking about metal legs, and if the head piece needed to be wood, or how it could be machined to be made out of metal.
So I have no idea if it will look anything like the original plans or be a completely different beast all together.
But he agreed to do it for me and I released the reigns to his creative spirit. telling him I'd sent him the plans to just to give him the basic idea of what I needed.

So I'll keep you updated on how it turns out.

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