Saturday, May 9, 2009

Diggin' it

Remember in a previous post I comment on Chris new obsession? Well, He started side project of cutting out all the letter of Nathan's name from the firewood scraps. H e finished the last few letters tonight
Nathan playing in the garden with his new letter blocks...he's funny with them, they're actually quite heavy so he moves them one by one around the yard.
He needed them in the garden tonight, because that's where the action was! I finally got all the plants I bought at the farmers market in (before they withered and died on the deck)And then tackled the "other" plants that were already there, but most look a little worse for wear at the moment

Can you see the dried pods in this picture? I have no idea what it is???

But when I started cleaning up all the stalks and dried up pods this green was popping through underneath. I guess I'll just leave it and see what comes up if no one can identify it?

By all the dried up stuff I took off I'm guessing it was pretty big last year.

And we're pretty sure we have raspberry bushes again (YAY) they we're pretty dried up with a lot of dead leaves on top, so we cut them back about 6 or 8 inches (luckily they are showing no signs of blooming yet so I think we're safe in cutting them right now)- again Chris and his sawzall helped with the cutting!!!

And then there was this poor sucker- again I have no idea what kind of plant it is or was? but it looked so dried out and dead I told Chris to cut it down almost to the roots and see if anything happens in the next month or so...otherwise it'll just come out...I have a feeling this one may be a lost cause.
It's funny moving into new houses and always having to play guessing game with the vegetation.
My "WEED??? OR NOT A WEED??" game as I call it.
It always seems to go on the first summer while I try and decide if I should pull things out of the ground, or wait and see what develops...someone needs to write a book for new homeowners with illustrations of what weeds look like, and what "real plants" look like when the first break through the soil.


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