Sunday, May 3, 2009

shopping & garden planning

I called my Mother in Law this morning for advice on where to plant the stuff we bought at the farmers market yesterday...her advice was full to mostly sunny for all of it. But also recommended I get it in the ground right away. So I started some serious garden planning today (although quite late according to all the seed packages I probably should have started them6 to 10 weeks ago indoors)

The previous owners left a box full of potatoes downstairs- and as yo can see they're already sprouting, I knew I should probably cut them into chunks, but my Mother in law reccomended smaller chunks than I was thinking with only one or 2 "eyes" per piece. She also said to put them into the ground right away, and when they are about 8 inches or so, to create hills around them... (again more stuff I never knew)

I went into town and got a bunch (39 to be exact) of seed packages, they we're 3 for a dollar at the dollar store,so I'm not totally sure what kind of quality we'll be getting, but since I knew the garden was going in late I didn't want to spend a million bucks on seeds that might not work anyways.

From there we zipped over to Peavey Mart- Which is quickly replacing Wal-mart as my fav. store (gasp) but seriously, Their prices are way better than any of the other stores that carry the same kind of stuff...the chicken wire on the right of the pic for example? reg. 15.99 vs.17.99 at home hardware- plus it was on sale for only 12.99 so a 5 dollar a roll differnce.

Anyways I picked up some carrot and pea seeds at Peavey Mart as well as two types of onions. And then we got the driveway reflectors so Chris can actually find our house in the dark. lol. As well as a ton or at least gallons and gallons of white barn paint for the fence I want to do out front (and hopefully the window frames, and some touch ups on the out builings as well).

Speaking of paint~ that's another example of Peavey Mart pricing- We'd priced the big 5 gallon bucket at Home hardware as well as ace hardware on saturday>HH started at $99 and went up. Ace started at 135 and up. Peavey mart? on sale for $5 dollars off making it 64.99 but their regular price is still only $70. seeing why I'm totally falling in love with peavey mart yet?

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