Sunday, May 3, 2009

Miss Maggie

I wrote awhile ago about our first night here and how Maggie the city dog almost got eaten by coyotes, because she was to busy sleeping. So maggie has been chained outside to keep her from wandering off and getting lost, or wandering to the highway and getting dead. She's not showing a lot of farm dog smarts so we decided to give her her freedom slowly.
Now to her credit, she is amazing if your outside with her, she watches Nathan like a hawk, she doesn't let me get more that 30 feet from her if we go on walks, before she doubles back to check on me.
Now, as I mentioned before,Maggie has been sleeping in the mudroom since the first night we were here. But the previous owners had dogs as well, although the dogs were about half her size, anyways they cut small dog doors through the mudroom and garage walls to give the dogs access.I showed maggie these holes when we first got here and she had no interest in even attempting them.
But,Chris came home from work one morning last week and accused me of leaving Maggie out all night. I guess she was waiting on the driveway for him. That's when we realized that she's skinned up enough to squeeze through the dog holes. Now most mornings it's a guessing game if maggie will be waiting to to be let out, or already gone.
Of course once she was letting herself out anyways without the chain, and seemed to still be on the property...the chain seemed a little pointless.
So for about a week now, we've been letting her go a lot without being tied up. and she seems to be coming back from her adventures whenever she's called. She hasn't yet gone near the highway, and the only real complaint is she keeps crossing the gravel road to play in the trees on the neighbors side (but they don't live anywhere close so I assume It's not a huge deal)
So it seems that the slow freedom approach is working- she now pretty much only goes chained when we leave- for fear that she'll try to follow the car. I can't think that will last much long either, when we went to town today, she managed to force the chain clasp somehow and was waiting for us on the driveway when we got back.
So I guess she's acclimatizing to this farm life pretty well too!

"All this taking care of you guys, and chasing birds and wading in the ponds is hardwork! a girl needs a break."

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