Saturday, May 2, 2009

Government RED Tape

The issue of whether we're going to the auction is solved!!!

I thought I'd look up some more info on sheep, and the different breeds etc. before making any bad decisions about animals spur of the moment.
Came across Alberta lamb producers website.
which actually seems like a good resource, but it set me off on a massive hunt that had nothing to do with sheep tonight.

In the news section of the website I came across an article about "Is your livestock operation legal?" which mentioned how a Premise ID number must be provided for every transaction or transportation of all "recordable" animals. On January 1, 2009, regulations requiring premise identification became law as part of the ANIMAL HEALTH ACT.

meaning we cannot buy any of the animals ie. sheep, alpacas, llamas, or cattle (plus a ton of others) until we obtain a Premise ID number. since all bills of sale must now include the premise ID of both the buyer and seller.

There is a Premise ID application form on the government of Alberta website. But I'll have to call on Monday for some help filling out all the information. Since it requires information like maximum herd capacities for the land...and to be honest I have no idea how many head of cattle or sheep or pretty much animal could be supported on 30 acres.
- so the application form is going to be like 5 pages of mind numbing information...and then you get to snail mail it to them, and wait!

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