Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fur baby for Mommy's day

This is my new Baby...Mack, he's 3 months old. Energetic but sweet tempered.

He has beautiful coloring, and he and Nathan are becoming fast buddies

We've been looking for a good Acreage puppy for awhile, I knew I wanted something with size and this morning right in time for a Mother's day pick up I found this ad

"3 Month Old Bull Mastiff-Cross Puppy To Give...
Hello, my puppy's name is Mack, he's 3 months old, he's a great lovable dog, brindle in color, I also have another 4 year old dog that does not seem to take to him. I am sometimes away for long periods for work and am afraid that the puppy may get injured. Please give him a good loving home and he will be yours for free. Must come pick up, ..."

We went and got him within the hour. I mean with a face like that you knew he had to come home with us.

It turns out he's Old Bull Mastiff crossed with Bloodhound- so when I said I wanted a big dog, I found one. According to wikipedia blood hounds males can be 80 to 110 lb, although some individuals can weigh as much as 160lbs
and bull mastiff 110 to 130 pounds .
So Mack is going to be a BIG MACk.

Miss Maggie was so excited, when Dad came around the corner carrying Mack...she could hardly wait for him to get put down so they could "meet"

They've been doing pretty well together, although I think Maggie forgot about puppy energy.

...and I think Mack is a little nervous, because he was getting beaten on by the other dog we was living with. But they are finding there groove, there in the kennel together in the mudroom tonight, so that ought to bond them pretty quickly too.

And of course Nathan is thrilled to have another dog,
Although, Mack is a puppy. And we've notice he seems to have some bad habits like JUMPING on people. Considering he'll probably be over 100 pounds, that's going to be my first puppy battle. As well a making sure he comes when he's called. The last thing I need is to be chasing a dog that won't come back to me over 30 acres!

But overall is was an awesome Mother's day- getting to add this new member to our family. And then getting to spend time out in the SUN with everyone, made for a fantastic day!!!!

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