Friday, May 1, 2009


We're a little up in the air about tomorrow.
There is an auction of Exotic Birds and livestock close by, and I really want to go.
But with no trailer or truck buying something will be nearly impossible unless we can get it delivered.
We are also expecting the "old owners" to show up some time tomorrow (probably around the time the auction starts) to pick up the rest of their junk...I mean stuff. And we kind of want to be here for that- since they wandered off with 2 of the pasture gates last time they were here. The promised they are bringing other gates and will hang them this weekend so we can't be to upset (I guess they were actually using panels off their horse trailer as gates) but I think we want to be here to ensure that everything happens as it suppose to be.
But I'm still torn between wanting to be here to supervise and the "fun" of going to an auction. We've only been to one ever, and they are pretty exciting to I have a soft spot for them since that's were we collected Miss Maggie from.

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