Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Birthday weekend for the Boy

 It's been an exciting weekend for everyone around here. Grandpa Zoom came up to stay, and help celebrate Nathan's 4th Birthday (which is tomorrow)
 Nathan had to take Grandpa on the "official" tour which apparently starts with Maxxie's outdoor pen.

 From there you must check out the goats. Whom Grandpa has never met, he told me later he was surprised they were much smaller than he had thought from the pictures I'd sent. He was also most charmed by Hopper. Stating "She seems like the one with most character". Of course the fact that Romeo attempted to pee on all of us, probably took him out of favorite goat running very quick.

And right at sunset. I tried to organize a family picture. I really need one for Christmas Cards this year, and it's rather hard to be in the picture you need to take. I'm really not happy with how any of these turned out. It seems like trying to coordinate 4 people and a goat is never going to work well. This is about the only shot where everyone is looking in the relative direction of the camera, and Hopper isn't mooning the photographer.

Then for the Birthday dinner tonight we roasted a chicken. Is still a luxury to me, to know that we raised these chickens that taste so darn good on the dinner plate.

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