Friday, November 5, 2010

Interesting Goat Links

I know my goat obsession is getting a little out of hand...Just for fun I've been searching around webland looking up different goat related items.
These are some of the cool links I found

California golf course using goats for natural bush clearing on rocky terrain. .

Incredible gravity defying goats in Italy
Article or Video

Love watching goat antics? you can watch 2 goats live 24 hours a day

and of course...I'm in love with the idea of fainting goats. If you've never seen a fainting goat you have to check out this Video. Although I would love to get a couple, I know I'm a little to playful to get a goat that has a reaction like this.
Yeah, I'd probably start doing something crazy like the Chuck Norris vs. Fainting Goats Video
I'm sorry even if you're not a Chuck Norris fan that's darn FUNNY!!!!

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