Tuesday, November 16, 2010

da barn, da barn is finally done

The Boys barn.
The project that I figured should take a week tops. And has now been dragged out..what??? Two months? Thanks to way more work than I expected, and the weather being hit and miss.
I think it's finally finished.

This was the barn, at the original state. To say it was rough would be an understatement.
So Rough, it was actually missing boards and a hole right through the one side.
We bought a ton of Styrofoam sheets to use for insulation.
We cut and fit them between the 2x4's (That was Nathan and my job. He was actually quite a big help bringing the sheets over to the barn while I cut and pieced)

The painting began. I had won out on getting the barn red color. but as soon as it started going on I realized that painting brand new raw lumber and weathered old barn board the same color did not actually make them the same color. It was such a drastic difference I decided the whole thing needed to be whitewashed first to act as a primer for the red color to go on evenly.
And here is the final result. It's not perfect, but a heck of a change from the first pictures!?!?
And all the wood that had to be pieced inside to keep the goats from eating the Styrofoam insulation in the walls.

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