Thursday, November 11, 2010

I froze today

Like thought I might die froze. It was about -2C outside. It didn't seem all that cold with the sun shining.
So I thought I'd take a run at finishing the paint on the boys barn.

Here are the factors I didn't take into account:
1) The barns are in the shade- no sun- not so warm
2) All the required painting was 6 feet or more up which means a ladder. Ladders are cold steel objects.
3) The paint cans are also metal, which gets really cold in your hands.

I did about 2 hours before the sun was setting. And came in not sure I could uncurl my hands from that wrapped-around-the-paintbrush-claw look I had going on. But the back of the barn and one whole side are completely Red! Yeah. I'm getting close enough, if I finish the front I may fake it and take a picture just to show you how much of a change there has been. It's not gorgeous but it's definitely transformed.

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