Thursday, November 25, 2010

I think were losing him

Tuesday night, when Linus came in the house.
He was completely limp, and almost lifeless.
We spent most of the night warming him up.
He stayed in the kitchen in the giant wire cage.
He made it through the night!!!

Yesterday, we managed to get some food and water into him.
He could stand for awhile.
I went out and got him A GOAT COAT.
(Okay, it's actually a XL Dog coat but it fit)
I thought we might be getting somewhere.

But all that has changed again today.
He won't take water again.
He hasn't eaten.
He falls over every time you try to get him on his feet.
He curls into a little ball, but his eyes are open he's not sleeping.
He's still in the house, he couldn't handle being outside even for a few minutes yesterday.
He's warm, but he's not happy.
I think we may be fighting something else as well. But I don't know what it is.
The question is was he sick? and that's what caused him to fall over in the snow? Or did he get hypothermia, and just can't get his strength back. He seems to be giving up.

I'm pretty sure we have a dying goat.

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