Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nate's room redo

Back in September, My in-laws took Nathan for almost a week.
{Yes, I didn't get around to taking the after photos until now}
My main project during this week was to paint the cave of a room he has (while he wasn't there to help!!!)
I don't know if the pictures do the dark color justice, since it was sunny when I took them. But just imagine if the color reads this dark in sunlight how dark and cave like it is in his room at night with this horrible blue.

Not to mention he's been rather rough on the walls since he moved in. Look at the number of holes, dents and dings that needed to be patched up before painting. And if you don't believe me the blue was too dark. It was 3 coats of primer before we could even attempt putting a different color on the wall.
And this is the after. Again it was afternoon light when I took the pictures so the room almost looks yellow. But its a very soft green. Nathan loves it. And I think it's opened up the room. It actually looks less crowded with the 2 beds (Greg will be moving in as soon as he's old enough) than it did before because of the nasty color.

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