Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Cat Came Back.

I so wish it was only a song. The Cat Came back...
But it's not.

Last winter. Right about this time in November actually we had a stray cat move into the garage. It proceeded to kick Meow meow out of her cozy bed. It would flee as soon as any of us walked in the garage.
You could here the ruckus at night as the 2 cats tangled knocking things over in the garage.

I told Chris to lock down the entrances to the garage, not feed the new cat and try to run it off.

But Chris the soft heart figured he could tame the stupid thing.

Just after Christmas, things got worse and better. Chris could come and go from the garage without the cat fleeing, once and awhile he actually got close enough to touch the cat. But as the cat got bolder it got meaner to our cat.

The tangles got worse and more than once we found Meow meow dripping blood from an ear, or the top of her head.

Finally at the end of February, Chris went up north to work for a couple of weeks. I decided to lock the cats out of the garage. Cutting off both the warm place to sleep and access to any food. I figured that our dogs allowed our cat to eat and cuddle with them so she would be fine. The hope was I would make the other cat uncomfortable enough to leave.

It didn't work!

The cat obviously got hungry, so it got meaner. And tried to literally eat our cat.

Poor Meow meow took quite a few nasty bites to the head, nearly stripping all the fur between her ears and one extremely harsh bite right in the middle of her spine.No to mention the several claw wounds torn down her back leaving her a bloody mess. She still bears a dent in her fur along the back where the chunk went missing from.

When Chris came home and saw the damage that had been done to his cat, he finally admitted he'd had enough.

We allowed the cat back into the garage for a few days. Then one night we sealed off the exit. Chris armed in his leather coat, leather gloves and a broom chased the stupid evil cat all over the garage until he cornered it. I stood by ready with a cardboard box and a tape gun.

Chris had cornered it behind a tool box. He reached back and picked the thing up by its neck. Not with out sustaining two wicked bites right through the leather gloves. After a lot of swearing he managed to get it into the box slammed the flaps and I quickly taped the box together to prevent an escape.

He tossed the box in the truck and drove it 20 plus km up to the next town. And released the stupid thing.

Within an hour his hand was so swollen he could no longer close it.

The next day it was swollen to nearly twice it's size. So I insisted we go to the emergency room and have it looked at.
The doctor there informed us that 90% of cat bites turn septic. Chris ended up getting a tetanus shot, and was on medication for the next week to prevent the wound from turning to a septic infection.

And now....

and now the stupid cat has returned. In the last 8 months it's managed to transverse over 20 km to come back to its "Winter Resort" I guess. As soon as this cold snap hit. The cat reappeared in the garage, and immediately kicked Meow meow back out of her basket.
( I apologize for the picture quality but it was dark enough we needed a flash through a dirty garage window)

So the cat came back...the very next snow fall.

After the ruckus she caused last year. After the damage she caused to both my Cat and my Husband, she will not be staying. After she proved she can navigate her way back over 20 some kilometers our catch and release system isn't going to happen again.

So most of our weekend will be spent planning and hopefully executing the final show down with the evil cat.

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