Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Hay finally arrived!


Our goats won't starve this winter. We finally got 5 huge bales of hay. and for only $10 more per bale they delivered it. Saving us a huge headache of moving it one bale at a time on the back of the truck. The # of trips would have sucked.

All 5 bales on the trailer

But to get the top bale off the trailer, Chris hooked it to the back of the truck and started to pull
And Pull

Until finally!
Ahhh the joys of not having a tractor for some Jobs!

The rest of the bales were easily just tipped off the sides of the trailer by 2 guys pushing.
And Chris manged to rock-and-roll them all into two neat little lines by himself after the guys left. So they are all piled neatly against the tree line in the yard.

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