Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Wood Butcher was at it again

It's not very nice, but I refer to my Hubby as the WOOD BUTCHER. He's certainly not a wood worker.

Case in point. Last year I told him I needed a garbage bin with a lid to make sure the animals couldn't get into it. Well. I highly doubt any animal could get into it, in fact I'm pretty sure a tornado would have trouble moving our garbage bin. Its massive. You know those industrial metal garbage bins in the back alleys of most retail stores? Yeah. We can rival that in size.
Scale, and Pretty aesthetics are not Hubby's strong points when it comes to creating his wood workings. Hence the Wood Butcher name.

That brings us to last night. Hubby had spent a good part to the day working on the interior of the girls goat barn. That afternoon he informed me he was headed into town for more boards.
Last night he looks at me and says "I think I'm going to build a dog house."
Me: "mmmmhmmm, did you buy enough wood?"
Hubby: "yeah, I think so."
So I just nod and let him start his planning.

He spends the next little while drawing up plans on a sheet of paper. Mumbling something on and off about how big is 3 feet actually?

3 feet? 3 feet is good, maybe this is a scaled down dog house.

Then he disappears into the garage saying he's going to construct the frame tonight and put sides on it tomorrow.

Well it's being started in the garage. Not outside, so it must be movable, another good sign right?

I finally make my way outside after about an hour.

And there. IS THE DOG HOUSE.

Not just any dog house.

but a DOG HOUSE!!!!

I swear to you this structure is 6 feet long. 4 feet wide. and about 4 1/2 feet tall if not bigger.

Granted we have large dogs- weighing in close to 100 pounds each.

But seriously, were you worried one of the Buffalo from across the road would be cold and lonely and might need to bunk with the dogs for a night?

I need to enroll Hubby back in kindergarten or something where he can take another run at that saying
"Bigger is NOT always better"

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