Monday, November 22, 2010

One of the benefits of the country

Yes, you have to drive everywhere. Even getting some milk involves loading everyone in the car to drive for at least 10 minutes one way. We certainly don't have access to a lot of the stores we would in the city. So the shopping pretty much sucks.

But I have to say when we have a service, it rocks! It is usually so under used that there is next to no waiting.

I've taken both kids to the emergency room because it's actually faster to go there than any walk in clinic after hours. Our hospital is under utilized.

Today I was reminded of this again. Our school (which were not even technically in yet- but the preschool is run in one of the classrooms) has a Speech Pathologist that works there 2 days a week. She immediately zeroed in on Nathan, like the second day of school. Which was just over a month ago. So we went in and had her do a speech assessment on him today. He scored as mildly delayed in a few categories since it isn't really severe she was willing to just give us some exercises at home. Or offered to see him for 1/2 and hour a week for the next 6 weeks. I couldn't believe it. I've waited in excess of 4 months for specialist in the city. The fact that he was diagnosed as mild would have meant waiting over a year for any further services  if they offered them at all. But out here we get immediate access.
Like I said when we do have the services they rock!!!!!

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