Friday, November 19, 2010


One of my goats ha been re-named, but its neither of the ones I was thinking about re-naming back in September.


It's Romeo.

Chris has taken to referring to him as Dr. LOVE.

Since he is obviously in rut and absolutely tortured every time one of the girls heats a heat cycle. He spends all day trying to lick them through the fence. Making the strangest guttural, licking smacking sounds I have ever heard. And trying with all his might to woo them.
If you let him anywhere near them he chases them around desperately licking, rubbing and doing anything he can to be allowed to be close to them.

Chris just laughs at him. and says " Come on Dr. Love your moves aren't working" as he throws him back into his own pen.

It's quite the displays to watch.

Of course poor Little Linus gets the brunt of Romeo's failed love connections with the girls. I'm very worried Linus isn't going to end up being a studly Buck for us after all since Romeo is bent on turning him gay.

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